Sunday, 27 December 2015

Late pass!

Hott Headzz - Hmmm
(From YouTube; 2015)

A Chicago hit with 5 million views and counting ya host was oblivious to the existence of until Drake mentioned it as another example of 2015 viral-bait with bars on my post about Lil' Twon & Playa Gator's Bruh remix, Hmmm by Hott Headzz is what woulda happened if Hot Stylz remade Juvenile's Ha with lyrics about eatin' ass like a variety of edibles in the style of Lil' Herb & Lil' Bibby. These lads get a pass on actin' like rimmin' is still some shocking act of kinkiness, but rappers need to step their fetish game up in 2016 - go eat the placenta like groceries or go home.


GGGGG said...

Eat her ass like catfish?

Schooled said...

A Zae coming for that DGainz spot?!

Si Mane Price said...

Every Hype Williams needs a Little X to keep them on their toes innit.

Habibi said...

I'm looking forward to the Yung Lean / Sad Boys remix where they swap the key lines out for "I'ma eat her ass like lutefisk".

Si Mane Price said...