Friday, 11 September 2015

TaTaz deep in TaTu (no Tyga)

Hardini ft. Mac Phly & Dbar - TaTa Diz remix
(From Welcome to Shmackerville mixtape; 2015)

D-Lotology back bick via a remix of some obscure San Diego shit from 2011 which sounds like it should have been retitled as Boyz-N-Tha Mud. The Shmackerville slang is near-impenetrable on a couple of occasions, and lines constantly overlap each other making it difficult to work out where one bar ends and the other begins, but I've still identified the song's top 3 lines. Drum roll plz....

3. "That bitch ain't worth a Pro Club shirt"

2. "Hit 'em with that 40 from across the street, shit - had 'em leavin' 40s all up in the street"

1. "Never been a snitch, shit - I don't even tell my son's mom what he did"

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GGGGGG said...

Stop snitching in its purest form.