Saturday, 12 September 2015

Generic list post: Slick Rick edition

Picture an alternate reality where Slick Rick never fought a deportation case and got to cash in one last time before the bottom fell out of the CD industry via a Greatest Hits double-disc anthology released on Def Jam in time for Christmas 2001. Disc one would consist of the classics, the incredible album cuts from his 4 LP's, and a new track with Doug E. Fresh & Ludacris which would go on to become Nas' Virgo back in our universe; meanwhile disc two would be a odds 'n' sods collections built from the bricks and mortar of his best guest appearances, non-album cuts, and unreleased tracks in CDQ.

That shit would still be holdin' you down 14 summers later, right? Ya boy just zoned out on a wet saturday morning and collated the definitive track list for disc two, although we're still waitin' on those CDQ versions of his unreleased tracks. Someone needs to Oceans Eleven the Def Jam vaults already.

La Di Da Di (w/ Doug E. Fresh) (1985)
The Show (w/ Doug E. Fresh) (1985)
Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Movie Version) (1988)
If I'm Not Your Lover (remix) (w/ Al B. Sure!) (1988)
Samson (1991)
Captain Caveman (1991)
Behind Bars (O.G Prince Paul version) (1992)
Star Trek (1992)
A Letter 2 (1992)
Sittin' In My Car (Lad's Lexus mix) (1994)
Just Another Case (w/ CRU) (1997)
Why You Doing That? (1998)
Da Art Of Storytellin' (remix) (w/ OutKast) (1998)
Pimpin' Ain't Easy (w/ Dana Dane) (1998)
Sleazy Gynechologist (1999)
I Sparkle (1999)
So Fresh (w/ Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff & Biz Markie) (1999)
Why Not (w/ Erick Onasis) (2000)
The Sun (w/ Ghostface, Raekwon & RZA) (2001)

Bonus plea: anybody got an MP3 of Rick's He Kills? It's not on YouTube, it's mysteriously absent from the J-Love Legends Two mixtape on Datpiff, and I can't find my own CD copy to rip it.


Bum Diddly said...

That meathead on the left in the pic tho.

Si Mane Price said...

Proto-Darrell from Storage Wars swag.

hotbox said...

Exchange "So Fresh" for Jermaine Dupri's "Fresh" and disc 2 is perfect.

Suggestions for disc #1: Adults Only, Kit What's The Scoop, and most of "The Ruler's Back" side A

d said...

No Nutty Professor?

heres the song

sickened rn cos I had a heap of unreleased/b-side etc Rick and Im realizing now it got hit in my last HD crash

srs question, has there ever been an actual bad Slick Rick verse?

d said...

btw dunno bout you but I feel like Im gonna be referencing the PT Capone interview for the next few yrs solid

Ray Garraty said...

here you go

Si Mane Price said...

Thanks for the uploads, lads. Add that to disc two's track list.

My disc one would run like this:

The Ruler's Back
Children's Story
The Moment I Feared
Indian Girl
Mona Lisa
Hey Young World
Lick The Balls
I Shouldn't Have Done It
Mistakes Of A Woman In Love With Other Men
It's A Boy remix
Sittin' In My Car
A Love That's True Part 1
Cuz It's Wrong
Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum mix)
I Own America
Street Talkin'
Why, Why, Why
Who Rotten 'Em

Anonymous said...

The ill Lacoste.

Anonymous said...

no greyson and jasun -get bizzy?

Si Mane Price said...

Good call. Replace He Kills with that.