Tuesday 8 September 2015

2 low life bloggas

Slept on Plies' I Got It when RapMusicHysteria first rescued it from LiveMixtapes obscurity and let that shit loose on the ski slopes of the rap internet last week, so luckily for me RMH gave it another outing on his Surf-N-Turf Bangers compilation a couple of days back. Not gonna front like I'm familiar with much post-The Real Testament Algernod beyond the really obvious choons, but plz believe I'll always be here for him on those occasions when he doffs his artistic cap to JT Money/Poison Clan. If JT had ever recorded a noughties solo album for Slip-n-Slide Records its backbone would have been made up of songs that sounded exactly like I Got It.

Plies - I Got It
(From Ain't No Mixtape Bih mixtape; 2015)

FYI, if you're out here on the rap internet and you haven't dropped a Zippyshare compilation featuring something by SPM during the past 9 months then you're barely even half-steppin' right now.


Anonymous said...

Plies is underrated.

Wonder if them kids you bought bikes even wrote you a letter? said...

Plies tribute song to Boosie was fire.

SE said...

Out here grinding on the dubious task of keeping SPM's name alive.