Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Fam-Lay compilation 4 u

Theory of the day: perennial Star Trak b-lister Fam-Lay is to Re-Up Gang what A-Mafia is to Dipset - a loosely-affiliated henchman rapper who dropped a string of great deep cuts between 2002 - 2006, got locked up for a few years, came home and dropped shit that's 400 degrees hotter than the rappers he once played second fiddle to, before the new music sadly dried up after 2012 bar guest verses on the most unlikeliest of songs.

Here's the proof in the form of a compilation. Fam-Lay has gotta be a top 5 rapper to have never dropped an album and his discography is so scattered that he's prime fodder for a best of comp. It begins with his debut solo track from The Clipse's Lord Willin' in 2002, and then concludes a decade later with that song's redux Clap Clap, which is the last track he released aptly enough. 11 of these 14 tracks are Neptunes productions, including his freestyle over their Nike commercial. Free to add No Time For No's, Step Back or any other Fam-Lay cuts which may have floated your own boat, but don't dare delete the Rock N' Roll remix because Lil' Flip should have gotten Hip Hop Quotable in The Source for that verse.

Fam-Lay - The Best Of Fam-Lay (compilation)

1. FamLay Freestyle (2002)
2. Rock N' Roll (ft. Pharrell & Kelis) (2003)
3. Rock N' Roll remix (ft. Lil' Flip, Pharrell & Kelis) (2003)
4. Nike (Freestyle) (2003)
5. Fresh N Drivin' (2004)
6. Git Busy (ft. Pharrell) (2004)
7. Amalance (2005)
8. Skrung Owt (2006)
9. Da Beeper Record (ft. Pharrell) (2006)
11. What's My Name (2011)
12. Beach Cruiser (2011)
13. Money Makin' Trick (ft. Project Pat) (2011)
14. Clap Clap (2012)


Props to N Ski Valley for the 2 MP3 assists here. If you're a Yank text FAM4A to 30303 and cop that man a Da Beeper Record ringtone.


Beagle said...


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SE said...

Holy smokes! Was just bumpin some Fam-Lay while assembling a slapdash Rosco P Coldchain mix. Thanks.

Andrew Barber said...

cosign this whole post. i ask at least 3 times a year via the twitter who TRAINTOGO never came out. Rock N Roll was by far the best song on Clones. Figured he was outta here

noz said...

no time for no time for nos?

nos said...

oh nm i should've read it i can't read

Si Mane Price said...

Had to cut No Time For No's because Malice ruins it for me with that silly overbearing voice he does.

You had Pharrell, Fam-Lay and Pusha all on their Ma$e shit (literally in the case of the latter) and then along came Malice sounding like Puffy on the Dolly My Baby remix.

This compilation does not support such tonal inconsistency.

Ruben said...


Anonymous said...

This lupe song.....

nyquil said...

"that silly overbearing voice he does"
Haha thats EXACTLY how I feel about that shit what a faggot.

That fam-lay and Patta song is on my top 10 rap songs list

El Guapo said...

13. Money Makin' Trick (ft. Project Pat) (2011)...this been my jam for days now...

Si Mane Price said...

Look at my lifestyle, see it's in panoram'

Djadai said...

I just want to share with you the new song of my favourite group Kooly Bros called "Rhythm Of The Night", enjoy it because I can't stop listening to it

Note D said...

Damn, any way we can get a re up on this compilation?

Si Mane Price said...

Yeah, I'll up it later when I'm home.

Si Mane Price said...

Re-upped, click the link.