Friday, 6 February 2015

Fangs done changed

"Saw Bobby Shmurda on Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel
Now they got him on Rikers Island

Uncle Murda - Rap Up
(From YouTube; 2015)

It's 2015's annual Uncle Murda post on The Martorialist already courtesy of the video for his 2014 Rap Up song. Everybody I'd linked to the MP3 of this a couple of weeks back casually dismissed it as Murda biting Skillz, but the song this actually shares the closest affinity with now it's been given the visual treatment is Maino's street DVD minor-classic Rumors, and that song/video's format of pithy zings and gossip-mongering is the perfect set-up for a rap troll like Uncle Murda.

Plus, unlike every Skillz Rap Up track ever recorded, Uncle Murda's song has replay value since it breathes new life into the same Dexter Wansel sample as Agallah & Sean Price's Rising To The Top, and Murda's comic timing on the ad libs is Jim Jones circa 2006 - 2008-level perfect. No, really - if you haven't added "I THINK?", "I'LL STILL HIT IT!", "YOU KNOW HOW WHITEY DO!, "SHE KICKED HIM!", and "I KNOW!" to your daily lexicon then you just ain't listening right.


Anonymous said...

Crazy how Murda looks like an older, fatter Bobby Shmurda.

L.A said...

Surprising good.

Si Mane Price said...

FYI you can't call an Uncle Murda song "surprisingly good" when you're a proud Joey Bada$$ fan :)

step one said...

hadnt bothered to check this until now but theres so many great things about this, not least what I assume is the boss of Pawn Rite going on like the white Suge Knight.