Friday 26 December 2014

Dennis the Menace? You Dennis the Rodman

Damn, homie - TREE's gonna be persona non grata in his own city after that line from this highlight offa the new TREE X Chris Crack EP. Dude can no longer go out in Chicago.. and he from Chicago!!!

TREE & Chris Crack - Naan
(From Tree + Crack EP; 2014)

Can't believe the @MCTREEG EP is gettin' so royally shafted in all these year end lists I've read. Probably Nu It, Like Whoa, Soultrappin/I Believe, and God Like are all better than any song on half these bullshit albums and EPs from 2014. No shots, just facts.


Al said...

Agreed on the Tree ep.

James said...

Any song with a Dolemite sample is alright with me.

Anonymous said...

"Stay Away" from that Tree ep too.

Spaceghostpurrpguy said...

I can't trust Tree after the TRILL and Sunday School 2 Tapes were unlistenable.