Friday 5 September 2014

Shinola songs by shit rappers part whatever

The only way Flo Rida could ever make a song I'd ever want to listen to is by nicking a horn sample that sounds like it's from a 45 King-produced Lakim Shabazz song a la Ariana Grande's Problem and then letting Sage The Gemini do the hook and most of the rapping. He did just that and we've all been sleeping on it for the past couple of weeks:

Flo Rida ft. Sage The Gemini - GDFR
(From GDFR single; 2014)

DEV's Kiss It, Adrian Marcel's 2 AM, Show Banga's I Been That, and this... Sage The Gemini is pretty much 2014's cameo king M.V.P.


Hellmonica said...


Lost Art said...

This is bonkers lol.

CrowleyHead said...

"Get Low Like Femurs" is proof that Sage The Gemini is the only human being who can perform punchlines in 2014. The whole 'silverware' lyrical run in "Gas Pedal" is superior to the entirety of Lupe Fiasco's life.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sage saying "Hoes waitin' for a n*gga on Pluto, so why on Earth would I be waitin' on you fo'?" on Don't You >>>> that overrated Future album.

Zara said...

Holy guacamole.