Friday 25 April 2014

"Screwed vocals are just Auto-Tune for Tumblr rappers nowadays"

Quick reminder that the only people officially sanctioned to put Screwed vocals over non-Screwed beats are Texan rappers. Plz take note Lil' Ugly Duckling Mane, SparkMaster Tape & all other music college production project-soundin' ass Tumblr rappers still lingering on the internet in 2014:

"One thing and then on another
I pull mo' stunts than the Ringling Brothers"

Lil' Flex - Freestyle
(From Yungstar & Den Den's Crooked Profit Vol 1 compilation; 2002)

Thank u Texa$ rap for blessing me with trivia about American circuses that I've been able to put into use during the local pub quiz. Also see: Paul Wall's verse on N Luv Wit' My Money.

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