Saturday 26 April 2014

Bubba Sparxxx in the Ugly video.JPG

"I can see them haters talkin' but they do not phase me
'Cause I done got it out the mud, that's that shit that made me"

Snootie Wild ft. K Camp - Made Me
(From Traps N Trunks; 2014)

This is way better than current-Westwood staples Yayo and Cut Her Off (though not the STILL insanely-underrated Oh No, obviously!), but I'm mainly posting it today because it presents me with the perfect excuse to blawg about that similar rumination on aspiration by Box & Mouse On Tha Track:

"I need a shovel and bucket
'Cause I'm gettin' it out the mud"

Box & Swagga Fresh Freddie - Get It Out The Mud
(From All Options Open album; 2011)

_________________ <~~ insert attempted joke about Box's SEO-unfriendly name here insert somethin' about Mouse being an O.G of 8-bit beats here ~~> _________________


ILX Snitch said...

"Cut Her Off" appeared in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago which is just lol to me.

Jamie said...

That Mouse song is awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is the one off that Box + Mouse album

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That shit put me off checking the Box & Mouse album out until this year, tbh.

Sounds like Mouse has wandered onto a Tiesto remix of a Mike Shinoda song.