Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Martorial elegance: Use Saint Laurent edition

Well, well, well - if it isn't this year's first remake of a classic that retains the spirit of the original but still sounds like it could have only been made in 2014:

"I didn't know it felt this good just bein' so godamn useless!"

PeeWee LongWay & Quez of Travis Porter - Use Me
(From DJ Lil' Keem's Smoker's Choice mixtape; 2014)

Quick, someone hit up eBay and cop PeeWee LongWay a Nirvana Sliver front cover t-shirt for the video!


breakin' brad said...

i love "sneakin & geekin'" so much

Anonymous said...

WAW-MART! Longway is on the come up...

Antonio said...

"Gingerbread Man" is the one.

Chris Thott said...

My favourite song I've heard from the whole MPA camp is Christmas by Shitro Sanchez.