Friday, 28 February 2014

Bloggin's not a movie, like J.D & Veronica I lean on 'em with the loogie

I wrote about Movie by Giftz for Deep Cuts on Complex. I think it's Giftz's 1st song of 2014 and it's pretty much my 2 favourite Giftz songs of 2013 in 1.

"Wise words from a decent man, I never heard those
My role model drove a Bentley with a four and a fur coat"

Giftz - Movie
(From the internet; 2014)


Queezy said...

Good track.

What did you think of the Lil' Herb mixtape?

Anonymous said...

"Don't be a dick, that stuff will kill her.."

Si Mane Price said...

Not heard the Lil' Herb mixtape, Queezy.

Haven't heard Lil' Bibby's tape either. Only really like the idea of those two as a duo on Play They Role and Kill Shit.