Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wave Bry

In theory, Roc Marciano attempting to surf Max B's wave should be a clash of incompatible styles, yet in practice he pulls it off with the sort of chutzpah that Faxsimile B's like French Montana and Sen City could only dream of. And then you realise: hey, maybe the Max influence has been there all along in post-UN Marciano songs like Ridin' Around but we were all just too busy tracing Long Island Rap lineages and devising new ways to describe dude's wordplay without making him sound like Louis Logic with Lugers & LR-300s to notice it?

Roc Marciano - Ice Cream Man
(From The Pimpire Strikes Back mixtape; 2013)

A definitive list of the Waviest N.Y Rap songs of 2013 so far : Take A Flick by Max B, How Can I Lose? by Chinx Drugz, Instagram (Catfish) by Cam'Ron & Sen City, and this. Something by Le1f too, obviously.


d said...

You now have me convinced Roc is just Max's pitched & rubber masked up alter ego ala Lady Bee/Lord Quaz.

"Faxsimile B"s a keeper

Zwoop nation said...

Who is Le1f?

Fredo Fantano said...

Le1f is the future, apparently.

Jamie said...

Wow, this works surprisingly well.

CrowleyHead said...

*drops the kitchen knife intended for correcting my birthing* OKAY!!!

This is refreshing after he kind of got bogged down in really trying to do the old man thing last record. Also, did he produce this one maybe?

Fredo Fantano said...

He did produce it.