Monday 11 November 2013

Just sayin', bruv 8

Sacrilegious opinions about Houston-Rap #1: pardon the pun, but the remix of Yungstar & Lil' Flex's Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall from the Crooked Profit Vol. 1 compilation knocks the original version outta the box since all the O.G does is sorta answer the question of what would DJ Screw's June 27 sound like if it weren't Screwed & Chopped? Answer: nowhere near as thumpin'.

Yungstar ft. Lil' Flex - Knockin' Pictures (remix)
(From Yungstar & Den-Den's Crooked Profit Vol. 1 compilation; 2002)

The original is a Houston classic which still gets Yungstar shows in Houston to this day, but the vocals sound all outta sync with such uptempo drums and how are they gonna call a song Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall when it's got about as much low-end as a Minnie Mouse qweef? This remix fixes both of these problems by planting Yungstar & Lil' Flex's vocals over a sample of I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz, making it sound like a late '80s Teddy Riley Rap production repurposed to rattle trunks in Texas. Shit sounds pretty sweet in a 2014 Citroen DS4 driving around oop north too.


d said...

"what would DJ Screw's June 27 sound like if it weren't Screwed & Chopped?"

lol this is an an answer Ive been looking for for years and turns out theres been a houston classic. They ruined the jet plane scratches too which were always the best bit.

Anywyas cosign this post

Anonymous said...

Drew said...

Is the compilation worth hearing?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yes and it's on Spotify.

Should also add that there's an official remake of June 27 on the first Yungstar album featuring a whole bunch of people including Z-Ro, PSK-13 and South Park Mexican (lol). It's a bit of a clusterfuck but one of the few tracks on there I quite like.

ilxor commenter said...

The original beat is great actually. Never been really into June 27 like most people seem to and I love a lot of screw freestyle tapes, mehhh.

Dirt said...

Glad you were feelin' it.