Thursday 22 September 2011

Wanted dead or alive # 10 : ID me a sample, dudes

Ayo Matthew Africa - you're from Oakland and know everything about sample sources, so what's that weird dolphin noise which practicioners of rap muzik from the Bay seem to be awfully fond of? Messy Marv has used it about 15 on his neverending trashheap of releases over the past few years, so these 3 cuts would be where it's the most effective :

E-40 - Flashin'
(From The Element Of Surprise; 1998)

Reasons why rap is just light years ahead of any other genre of music part 198765 : you can actually apply it to real life. Case in point for today : Flashin' by Earl; understand this shit - my neighbour sneakily switches my pristine wheelie bin for her stank ass one when bringing them off the street AND I GET TO FLASHIN' ON THAT HOE!!! This ham 'n' egger on the train keeps trying to make inane chit-chat when I'm trying to listen to the Twin Towers 2 Intro ten times in a row and replicate Slim Dunkin's gestures from the video when nobody is looking SO I'M FLASHIN' ON THAT MOTHAFUCKA!!!

The Jacka ft. Husalah & Too $hort - Die Young
(From The Jacka; 2001)

As I opined earlier this year, Die Young is one of the only real essential moments on Jacka's debut because it was unlike everything else in the Mob's catalogue at that point in time and it hinted at the way he'd break free from the traditional Bay area mobb shit orbit to take up his own trajectory of wistful thug shit that's equally indebted to AZ as it is to C-Bo. So, yeah, I still can't put it any better than that.

Lil B - Pull Ya Pants Up
(From the internet; 2010)

Does it make me a bad person that I'm willing Lil B to get locked up for a couple of years? It's either that or he continues his decline into becoming a tragic Messy Marv type figure dropping crappy mixtapes/albums ad nauseam as he's done throughout 2011 and a spell in prison seems the less harsh of the 2 fates. None of his releases this year are touching I'm Thraxx and 6 Kiss, and it's sad to see that he's ditched the weekly steady drip of videos/Hulkshare loosies approach which yielded such B classics as Good Morning, Like A Martian, Age Of Information and Look Like Jesus to become yet another rapper flooding the internet with a myriad of half-arsed projects that I just don't have the time to listen to, the energy to parse, or the harddrive space to keep.


raythedestroyer said...

I was thinking the same thing about Lil B. but more so hoping he went on a sojourn of some sort, walked the world like Kane in kung fu then came back with a whole new style/worldview

Boothe said...

My first guess was Grover Washington Jr's 'Dolphin Dance', but after listening, I'm probably wrong.

Such a random sound being used on multiple songs.

Good catch.

done said...

Adding this dolphin thing to list of things that keep me up at night, along with wtf song is Jacka reinterpolating with his flow on that recent song with Stalin & Laroo.

Cosign B's decline, I fux with Durty Pop heavy though. Based God needs to die then ascend from heavan all brand new like jesus or something imo.

Excellent breakdown of how you get to flasin on these squares. Next time some bird practically encourages her ugly kid to repeatedly knock over and rip the fuck out of rolls of wrapping paper stacked next to the tills at work i'l do like 40.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Alas, prison sentences are the only way to curb the recording activities of such overly prolific rappers.

done said...

Not B, he'd go all X-Raided. Which wouldnt really be noticeable anyways, considering his disregard for proper mic levels etc. Think Noz just needs to sit him down and have an open and frank discussion. That or resurrection.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Feel inspired to listen to Back 'N Da Hood now.

done said...

Inspiring one person to listen to Back N Da Hood >>>> giving money to charity

Thomas said...

Great post, I have no idea what that sample is from either.

I've got to disagree with you about Lil B though, he has put out a lot of good stuff this year; Im Gay, Illusions of Grandeur and Bitch Mob were all tight. He has put out a lot of crap this year as well, but that has always been the case with him.
Here are two songs off top of his that are amazing from this year:

I would really not want him to go to jail either because I imagine all that "Pretty Bitch" stuff would not fare well for him in gaol.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Good point. Maybe he should just be denied access to any recording equipment then.

I fuck with the Illusions Of Grandeur remix. Very Husalah-ish. I mean, he's had a few joints here and there this year, but the misses are now vastly outweighing the hits.

Matthew said...

It's not a sample.

Living in the Bay, one becomes inured to the constant sound of dolphins one hears everywhere at all hours. You learn to tune it out, the way one might become accustomed to other ceaseless noises, like cicadas, crickets or Drake on the radio.

The 40, Jacka and B recordings were presumably made in studios that were improperly insulated and recorded by engineers who had lost their ability to hear ambient dolphin frequencies. Fortunately, dolphins being highly intelligent, sympathetic creatures, they chose to make their calls in time and in tune with the tracks being recorded.

My personal favorite Bay dolphin sighting (hearing?) is Mac Mall's "Pussy Whipped":

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ohhh, I've never heard that before. I always imagined Illegal Business 2000 probably wouldn't be worth bothering with, but I may have to revise that decision.

The dolphin noise is the Bay's answer to Synthetic Substitution.