Tuesday 2 August 2011

The jam right chea

Or not :

Dee 1 ft. Mannie Fresh - The One That Got Away
(From the internetz; 2011)

About as good a song as you could possibly expect from a Louisiana rapper who went to the Postmaster P from Leprechaun In The Hood school of fairly heavy-handed conscious rap, I suppose. But, in case you hadn't noticed, the song's beat was the third instrumental from that now infamous video clip of Mannie playing Mystikal a beat tape in his car last summer which everyone expected would end up as Mystikal's de facto club jam for da ladeez from his upcoming post-prison album this year :

"My momma can listen to that, man...my momma can listen to that, man!"

FFS - who dropped the ball with this one to let the dreadlocked pudwhapper end up being the person that rapped on it?


done said...

Dammit. Dunno why I still get my hopes up for these things. I want my Mystikal/Mannie/BG/Fiend supergroup.

Or a new Big Tymers album.

James said...

I like this, but looking through Dee 1's other songs i see what you mean. Nobody wants a young N.O Talib Kweli.

done said...

"young N.O Talib Kweli." - gotta be honest, the accent improves him tons for me.

"fuck your baggy jeans!"