Thursday, 21 April 2011

These Boosies done hypnotized me

So, some kid called Luis with a pretty outstanding Youtube channel dedicated to Louisiana rap has uploaded a grip of Boosie's DVDs which you can find here. I wouldn't bother with the Baton Rogue Gorillas documentary because it consists of about 12 minutes of footage between 30 minutes worth of adverts for really awful looking DVDs with titles like Streets Of Boston (solitary highlight : some dude freestyling to camera before shots start ringing out behind him, a tactic I'm hoping Beantown thugs will employ next time Termanology starts rapping), but the Gangsta Musik documentary is worth a watch for all Boosie and Trill Fam fanboys.

Sure, you could level accusations that it's just ig'nance-porn for middle class saltine rap fans like me since all the rote cliches of 'hood DVDs about rappers are accounted for with knobs on, but beyond the gun-pointing and marauding pitbulls there's good live footage and interesting interviews full of nerdy rap trivia like Webbie talking about the Do It Big/I Smoke I Drank situation and his account of what happened totally sinks the rumour that the latter began as a remix to the former. The whole mythology of Baton Rogue as the murder capital of America with Boosie plus various other members of the Trill fam entourage contributing to that statistic and the families of both rappers were integral components of their music, so it's interesting to be introduced to both throughout the vistas of their neighbourhoods. Similarly, part of what made the duo so appealing when I first discovered them via the Gangsta Musik album was that they were making the sort of gimmick-free, often introspective, regional gangsta-rap CDs with no concessions to trends or transcoastal collaborations which were hard to come by in 2005 (The Jack Artist being the other main exception) and which could've only been made by rappers marooned somewhere way out in the sticks, so it's also interesting that that sense of them living-in-a-bubble translates to film, especially since they weren't yet in the habit of shooting videos.

Alternatively, maybe I just enjoy watching Boosie & Webbie getting women to pull their skirts up and then jiggle their arses around? Check it out :

I know a lotta rappers watch a lotta gangsta movies; I'm talkin' Gangsta Musik, no this ain't no gangsta movie; matta fact i think you should also watch Boosie & Webbie in their Ghetto Stories : The Movie gangsta movie; then slap some of their music asap, particularly Gangsta Musik. The Luis kid hasn't upped that in full, but someone else has so now you can enjoy Trill Entertainment's very own I'm Bout It or Baller Blockin' where Boosie isn't quite the sawn-off Satan he's often portrayed to be by the media since he's remarkably victim-friendly to the white ppl he carjacks.


Webbie ft. Lil' Phat - What's Happenin' (2011)

A few people posted about this song last week before I had a chance to, so I'll just add that it's some 2011 Murder Rap type shit in every department. Where the American justice system taketh Boosie away, rap giveth us another great yelping gangsta rapper who sounds like he has a clothes peg on his nose in his place with DB Tha General hitting a rich vein of form on The Young O.G II mixtape earlier this year, so someone needs to make a Webbie & DB album a reality.


done said...

Ah class gonna waste few hours watchin these now, cheers. That Webbie tunes bonkers.

I think iv watched Danger Zone a 1000 times already at this point yet im still undecided whether Kurt is great simplistic or generic simplistic, really love that video though.

Im kinda sickened noone noticed my db post, it was shite but i was really proud of that title pun.

Anonymous said...

that channel is amazing

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

B Aware on my MP3 player has gone nuts and plays They Want Me Dead by Prodigy + 'em instead :(

Mr Bozack said...

Obviously this means you're a

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Italia said...

This should have at least been nominated for a Grammy. Emotionally evocative. Beautifully recorded. A collection of music preformed by artists that define the music of today across a wide swath of genres.