Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Peaks and valleys

^^^ Complex get one of these for including AZ's Live Wire in their Buckwild Tells All voyage through his production credits because that's, like, the best pairing of their talents and a far from obvious choice since it only officially appeared on the end of A.W.O.L in a mixed dollop of bonus joints from the shelved Final Call album. Never knew Nas was originally scheduled to appear on it, but I'm glad he didn't because Serious was pretty much the perfect note for them to end their career as a duo, crashing and burning in an inferno of Incredible Bongo Band breaks and Nas telegraphing how worthless he'd become by concluding his last verse with a mention of Coldplay.

^^^ Vibe, on the other hand, get one of these for not including Suga Free's classic Street Gospel in their otherwise excellent DJ Quik piece where he breaks down every other notable album or song he's produced. No The Konnectid Project Vol. 1 is understandable and acceptable, but not including a top 3 Quik produced album like Street Gospel (for doz that still sleep, it's basically the magnum opus of misogyny-rap and Quik's Doggy Style) is almost as scandalous as there not being any sort of good quality version of the superior video mix of the Pure Pimp joint Sug' did under the Royal Rock moniker back in 1992. Fuck it, at least Vibe included a blurb on the Penthouse Players Clique album with the revelation that Quik "fell in love" with Paul's Boutique.

Penthouse Players Clique ft. Eazy-E & DJ Quik - P.S. Phuk U 2 (1992)


James said...

LOL where's that AZ gif from?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Firm Biz video.

done said...

You copped Rafi's magic Complex button yet?

Saw Quik raggin on Suga Free on twitter a while back. I though they were beefing or something but nah he is just notoriously blunt. Dunno how they couldve left out Street Gospel.

AMG got a doin though.

AaronM said...

AZ Tha Visualiza, haha.
BTW Michael Cera rapping with Short Dog:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sure have, Done.

Aaron, that sure beats me doing karaoke to Straight Outta Compton and getting stuck with Ren's verse AKA the trickiest part of the song.

scjoha said...

Quik probably refused to honor Suga Free with a mention, see this interview about Quik's opinion on SF (it's old though):

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Scjoha always comin' through with the interviews.