Sunday, 27 March 2011

In lieu of Grove St. Party not being a single...

Waka's Youtube channel have had the decency to conjure up the next best thing, which is a promo which consists of the lyrics in a semi-graffiti font over his modelling pictures :

Waka Flocka Flame ft. Kebo Gotti - Grove St. Party (2010)

You know how we have to take our draconian east coast purists friends who tut 'n' tsk whenever you play Flockavelli aside and attempt to explain to them that Hard In Da Paint and Bustin' At 'Em are just the modern ATL' equivalent of Ruff Ryders Anthem and Ante Up, yeah? I've been trying to explain Grove St. Party to them using similar pre-established N.Y reference points they'll understand by equating it to a 2011 version of a Crooklyn Clan & Fatman Scoop joint. Anyway, this promo isn't quite as good as that flawless WSHH live performance video some dude edited together where half the front row of hefty 'hoodrats were waving Waka masks in the air which now appears to have been removed from both WSHH and Youtube, but it's incredibly helpful because it appears I've been getting various key words in it completely wrong for the past 5 months. Might have been a good idea to run your spell check before going viral, though, Juaquin :

Also disappearing from Youtube recently is the sorta-official (as in co-signed by Max's camp, but not Amalgam Digital) video for Max B's Where Do I Go?, thus depriving future generations of knowing the correct arm movements to make during the "chicka-owww, chicka owwww, chicka owwwwwwwww"s. Or are they "checka owww"s? We need Max's team to put together a lyrics promo for Where Do I Go in the style of the Grove St. Party one above to clear this pertinent matter up.


David said...

damn they're killing my 2k10 top 10

i could have sworn the lyrics were about rollin up the 'loud' as in 'loud pack' not rolling up 'a lot' but maybe theyre hoping this will slip by radio censors

for what its worth 'grove st party' is getting a lot of airplay right now so it might be a 'single' however those are currently defined

The Great Gats, B said...

For me, if it's got a video, then it's a single.

brad said...

that max b song is just insanely catchy