Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another reason why I hate Freddie Gibbs

Gibbs is a rather dour character who induces mental soundwaves of the most workmanlike of Goodie Mob-biting rappers such as the fucking CunninLynguists in me, so hearing him rhyme over old NY beats earlier this year it compelled me to immediately dismiss any southern blog-friendly rap with samples made famous by 90s east coast rap songs thereafter. As I've mentioned before, this is a practice which totally quells the whole function of southern-rap and why I listen to it, ergo it took precisely 5 seconds of $tarlito/All $tar's What Was I Thinking? during my initial skim of his Renaissance Gangster mixtape project with Burn One to decide that it needed promptly sending to the recycle bin due to the song adopting same David Porter loop as GZA's Duel Of The Iron Mic and that was the end of the story until a friend who discovered the tape himself recently had it jamming. I was wrong : man, this is great and irritating Wu-Tang fanboy fagz may need to hit the red x in the top right hand corner before continuing with this post because I kinda prefer how Burn One's looped the sample with those 4 extra piano notes adding so much more to the beat as they drift off into nowhere with 'lito's mumbled non-sequiturs.

$tarlito - What Was I Thinking?

The irony of $tarlito's song title isn't lost on me, and with it comes a lesson for your author on making brash resolutions based around trite kneejerk reactions, although Gibbs still needs to accept some of the blame for being such a personality vacuum and rapping over unmodified instrumentals of Milkbone songs just because Jay-Z once freestyled over them. Taking such matters on a song-by-song basis nowadays also means I can enjoy Life Insurance from $tarlito's new $tarlito's Way 3 streetalbummixtapethingy even though it uses the same sample that Lord Finesse hooked up on Akinyele's Love My Bitch back in 2001 :

$tarlito - Life Insurance

Akinyele ft. one of his stripper weed carriers - Love My Bitch

I can't imagine Burn One has ever heard Akinyele's Anakonda album on Koch which Love My Bitch comes from because it sold roughly the same amount as that album Treacherous 3 released in the 90s, but I guess all these producer/dj/digger guys must buy their records from the same people or something? Anybody identify where the sample comes from?


done said...

have to admit he gives an entertaining interview tho, well i only read one but he had his "i just dont give a fuck" steez down pat.

might check out that ainyele cd, does he do the same vocal gimmick he used all over vagina diner? cos i hafta admit it put me off it and i had high hopes after robbie unkut championing it for so long.

what happened to the great songs from forgotten albums posts? they were great. i just got 4-2 tha domes albums today based off an old one. (the blog i dled it off had a reunion between one of the rappers and their producer in the comment section was mad)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, Ak' gave up that vocal tick after Vagina Diner. I'd check Aktapuss and the Put It In Your Mouth EP (The Robbery Song is one of my fav' Ak' cuts) before that.

Ah, that title track on the 4-2 Tha Dome EP is so good with it's Alabama Str8 Up Menace swag.

done said...

yeh thats probably my favourite. if there absolutely has to be singin in rap songs it shhould always either be a smoothed-out sleepy brown-esque dude like they had or someone with a real strong voice ala levetti/anthony hamilton/nate dogg. fuck them "ol gay-ass neyo with vaseline on their lips" types.

il check out those ak albums cheers

step one said...

that 'Love My Bitch' sample is this

I recognized it from Riz's 'Live From Brooklyn' mix

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thanks, Step. Completely forgot about Find Ya Wealth by Nas which I think predated Ak's Love My Bitch since it was on that QB comp.

Done, add Z-Ro to the list of people who should be drafted in for sung hooks.

David said...

Yeah that Brian Bennett is a classic record, someone reissued it cuz I just copped a 'new' copy the other day

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'd somehow gotten it into my head that that sample came from the same Tom Browne Charisma song G-Dep's Charisma used until recently.