Friday, 22 October 2010

The monthly token N.W.A related post

Only just spotted this recent Vibe piece where Cube breaks down all of his albums and some of his other notable songs like My Posse and Natural Born Killaz, but it's quite an interesting read and it finally answers my question on why he had beef with Arsenio :

I met John Singleton around the same time when I was upset with Arsenio Hall because he had 2 Live Crew on his show, but never let N.W.A . come on. And that show was taped right in L.A.!

Even if you tuned out after The Predator, it's worth continuing with the Lethal Injection, Natural Born Killaz, and Westside Connection blurbs, but I gave up myself when I clicked the page and found him trying to extoll the virtues of War And Peace Volume One. Just a pity they didn't ask him about Two To The Head or this :

Scarface ft. Ice Cube - Hand Of The Dead Body

Devin didn't get an official credit on the song for his hook, but at least 'Face and J. Prince let him up in the video. The Rap-A-Lot cap 'Face wore in this used to be a grail of mine back in the pre-eBay era, but the one with the white front panel the Denim Short Don Craw had on when I saw him recently is even nicer. A Til Death Do Us Part era Geto Boys song with 'Face, Bill, Big Mike, and Cube over some N.O Joe swamp-funk would've been amazing, but I'm content making do with the Willie D line-up St. Ides commercial they did :

This and this were pretty great too.


step one said...

one thing i found strange about that Cube article was that he said the album him and Dre were gonna do was put on hold so Dre could work with Eminem, even though being talked about around 1993 when NBK dropped (way before Em was in the picture).
Either way, an early 90s Dre/Cube album wouldve been a monster.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

N.B.K came out in '94, but, yeah, I thought that comment blaming Eminem was sorta odd too. I think there are supposed to be a couple of songs they recorded around 1995-ish for their Helter Skelter album in Dre's vaults.

The intro beat to the N.B.K video is epic.

Anonymous said...

RE: The shrill vocals of CIA, "We recorded that record six or seven days after the Beastie Boys’ License To Ill came out", wow, who knew a bunch of cracker-ass-crackers had such an influence on Cube

Love the Geto Boys millinery spot, I have an original LENCHMOB promo tee from the time [similar to the sweat-shirt version in the Steady Mobbin video], and still get odd looks each time I wear it

Funny that

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Even peckerwoods can be Guerillas In The Mist, yo.