Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'm hoping this is gonna be a Rollin' by Jackie Chain situation

"Don't shop in strip malls, I'm overseas for my clothes
jackets handcrafted by a Japanese four year old"

L.E.P Bogus Boyz - Goin' In For The Kill

Yo UK dudes, remember when Rollin' first came out and we were like "ROFL they sampled Robert Miles" but it was kinda cool and then, bada-bing, it totally clicked on the fifth listen and all prior mental baggage involving your raver mate Jason inflicting Euro-trance on you because he was the only one who had a car in 1996 was disposed of? I'm hoping this new L.E.P Bogus Boyz cut which samples that ubiqitous dubstep remix of In For The Kill by that Tilda Swinton lookin' miserable bird La Roux who's not exactly Gemma Arteton in Quantum Of Solace/Joan in Mad Men/Amy in Dr Who/Jessica in True Blood as far as gingers go will tune itself into my wavelength in much the same way Rollin' did to become a quintessential winter jam for the days when the dark eats into all but the in-work hours between 9:30 and 3:30. The five plays which Rollin' took isn't sufficient enough in this instance, though, and I can't see my memories of said ginger bird, dubstep, and 8 out of 10 sales assistants in Urban Outfitters of either sex last year beginnning to evaporate before the 2nd of november at the very earliest, but there's something flickering in this song that I'm digging.

Thomas inadvertently put me onto Chicago's L.E.P Bogus Boys when he posted that Yukmouth song they appeared on a few months back, and, despite the fact they have a name which makes them sound like they're a WCW tag-team in 1994, they got some joints. They even have one with his holiness of ad libbing :

L.E.P Bogus Boyz ft. Jim Jones - Hit The Town

Sampling British chart hits is now the second element of rap after blowjob similies, so I'm considering asking Betfair if they'll take wagers on what songs are used in 2011. I'm thinking Toca's Miracle by Fragma, Rock DJ by Robbie Williams, Gazza's version of Fog On The Tyne, Cotton Eye Joe by The Rednex, the Dunblane tribute record, Turn Around by Phats & Small, and Buck Rogers by Feeder are all absolute certainties.


Anonymous said...

Feel like "Slight Return" by the Bluetones would be perfect for any third tier Dipsetter re-ups.

MF said...

Hell Rell over that = certified banger.

Someone loop up Good Enough by Dodgy for 40 Cal to spit over while we're at it.

tray said...

8/10 sales associates at Urban Outfitters of either sex?

MF said...

Sales assistants, Tray.

As in, 8 outta the 10 people Urban Outfitters employed last year were androgynous variations on the La Roux chick who made Goin' In For The Kill, with the other 2 being 2 token ethnics (usually a black chick and a Pakistani kid who dresses like Morrissey).

tray said...

Oh, I thought you were saying they were 8s on a 1-10 scale. Um, incidentally, I write miserable little capsule reviews over at now.

MF said...

Such a pity you didn't review that The Fall song on there.

tray said...

Yeah, I really know nothing about rock so it's very hard for me. I was mainly struck by how not-120-years-old the guy sounded.

Mo' Codenames said...

Did Codename by White ever get reviewed on there?