Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Martorial elegance # 40

Yes :

No :

You don't need to take a Scott Hall survey to able to deduce that 9 out of 10 breezies who attempt the Anna Wintour bob end up with a 'do which is more reminscent of post-Jaws Richard Kiel, but if we're feelin' in the mood for a Polish sex slave-turned San Francisco artfag chick with the hair of Randy Quaid in Kingpin then that chickenhead from the What Are You Wearing Today? thread on SuperFuture.com never fails to give us one of Larry's Pant-Tents after turning our todgers into Peter Crouch :

Her male WAYWT? accomplice really needs to wind his neck in, though. If he's not goin' ham posing with his gob agape around various industrial locations in his lounge-around-the-house-eating-Dorritos vest and standard Goth-Ninja attire, then he's espousing cringeworthy cerebral cortex-belches masquerading as profound philosphical musings on his blog :

March 19th, 2010

when i think back on my life as a thing, mostly it comes in a series of fragments, different people, different times, different places. it is as if through variety i have been several different people.

when i take a breath and let my thought slow down, i see the constant that runs through the different experiences, everything feels more connected, one long ribbon.

it is when my mind is quiet that i am reminded of childhood when i was only known by my nickname.

Man, it's been over 10 years since Tony asked Melfi Whatever Happened To Gary Cooper? in the first episode of The Sopranos, but the question seems more poignant than ever.


2SHIN said...


I haven't even played it yet to see if this is one of those internet games that lets you strip an item of clothing for every point you win but either I'm going to fob myself off to this.

Finally I can have Victoria Coren giving me condescending induced boners whenever I want.

MF said...

Best game since GTA : San Andreas, imo.

brad said...

she has great legs but she looks like a corpse.