Thursday, 1 April 2010

The odyssey to find Mello-T part 2

(Part 1)

A couple of interesting new comments today :

boi-dan said...

I was given that Cornbread.. CD when he was in Columbia, SC for whatever reason back in the early 2000's. He wound up buying a Cadillac from my neighbor's car shop.

He also made a brief appearance in the DVD: "Dirty States of America".

Robbie at Unkut might get Markey Fresh vs. Lord Alibaski and T-Ray vs. Dante Ross pwn-fests in his comment section, but here at The Martorialist we get dudes who casually mingle with real rap icons like Mello-T as he's on his way to cop a caddy in Columbia, South Carolina. Read it and weep, hataz.

Youtube only has the first five minutes of the Dirty States Of America documentary and there's nothing on GoogleVideo or DailyMotion, but this could be a decent watch if they don't spend too much time blabbering on about da 4 eLeMeNtZ/NY hip hop and instead focus on the influence of Ice-T, NWA plus Too $hort, the history of the South and it's lineage between the different regions, so I may track it down. No Asher Roth, but doesn't Big Gipp have some nappy ass hair in his part where he's talking about the indifference to OutKast by the east and west coasts at the '95 Source Awards?

Boi-Dan gets props ova here for his info, but the comment of the day goes to a fellow by the name of Adam, whose detective work has lead to the most bizarre pairing since Primo and Xtina :

Adam said...

I was trying to do the same thing and your work allowed me to follow the trail somewhere really quite bizarre. Check this out:


It's a joint album, The Godfather Mello-T and Dr. Frank McCune (A real middle aged health professional), and you know what, It's not as bad as you might think, especially "interlude 1"

In Louis Theroux's Call Of The Weird book, Mello informs Louis that he's now coaching little league and that he's added songs with titles like You Can Make It If You Try to his rap-repetoire, but still, Mello and a middle aged black doctor who sounds like an incidental character from Scarlet Street making an album built upon the theme of "Health dispariry" (nope, me neither) is a difficult idea to wrap your head around.

I've yet to hear anything from this other than the interludes by Frank on his Myspace which Adam mentions, but I'd be willing to put money on it being better than that upcoming Damien Marley & Nas trainwreck collaboration album, which is bound to feature an intro to a song where Nas and Damien sit in front of their mics making stupid sucking noises as they pretend to smoke blunts in the studio that's even more awkward sounding than the one from Nas & Dr Dre's Nas Is Coming.

Oi, Adam - if you've got the album can you hook up some highlights, please?

I also now have the Wild Liffe Society Nothing But A Come-Up (Move M.F Move)/Bald Head Ho EP from 1991 I mentioned in the first post in my possession which I'm hoping a friend will rip for me in the next few weeks. What I was expecting was a bargain-bucket regional appropriation of Geto Boys or Poison Clan, and that's precisely what the record delivered, with Nothing But A Come-Up (Move M.F Move) being the top-dog of two tunes featuring boasts of the group ridin' limos while others are cabbin', a pretty fresh use of Funky Drummer, and the dynamic of a rowdy chant and an Ice Cube vocal sample as a hook. It's also notable for a rap-nerd such as myself since it's the first Gangsta-Rap record to eminate from Mississippi.

Since I don't have that for you at the moment, you'll have to make do with another catchy lil' number from the 1995 Wildliffe Society album for now :

Wildliffe Society - Get Tis Money, Honey


brad said...

it's only a maater of time before mello and louis reply

Slyc Biskut said...

Yo, this is Slyc Biskut... Google me.. I 'm a long time friend of Mello-t. I really like the love you've been showing Mello on your blog. He's definitely a legend in the game and has influenced a lot of other musicians. I've even had the opportunity to work with him on a few projects. I produced the song "All Alone" on the Mello-t - Roll It Like A Swisha album. Plus and added fact.. My Company Dust Brand(TM) Graphic Art & Design, did the graphic design for the both of the Children of the Cornbread albums - I'd Rather be Hated Than Loved and If You Try You Can Do It and the Mello-t - Roll It Like A Swisha album... Thanks for the post... Good lookin' out!