Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wanted dead or alive # 2

I really need an mp3 of this minus all the DJ 5150 soundbites :

B.G & Juvenile - 187

Although this apparently first appeared on an advance version of Juve's 400 Degreez. it ended up featuring on DJ Skribble's 1999 Traffic Jams 2000 album before being given a new lease of life on that DJ 5150 Juvenile & The B.G mixtape from last year. Since I can't find a downloabable link to the Skribble album, and because I'm still too much of a lazy, doltish technophobe to work out how to rip the 12" of it (handily featuring the C-Bo & Spice 1 from the Skribble album on the flip) I don't have a DJ-less CDQ version of it, which is a crying shame as it's a classic-era Ca$h Money Records banger between their two finest rappers at that point with Mannie in stark Mantronix mode behind the boards, and I really wanna give late night car treatment to it or just bump on my Mp3 player as I'm ambling around in M&S trying to work out which aisle they've moved the fish to. Anybody got a hook up?

In the meantime, let's reminisce on that other great Mannie produced, Ca$h Money Records roster featuring song on a 1999 New York album :

Notorious B.I.G ft. Hot Boys & Big Tymers - Hope You N*ggas Sleep

This was song from Born Again which had NY purists coming out in hives at the time, but which we can now look back on as being the best official posthumous Biggie track because it ticks the three boxes every other posthumous track leave blank or draw a spasticated squiggle in :

1. It fucking bangs.

2. It feels like a proper Biggie song which he would've made or appeared on in 1999.

3. It doesn't feature an out-of-place other Bad Boy rapper, or Lil' Cease, or some passed-it west coast rapper like Ice Cube who completely ruined that otherwise great Nasheim Myrick produced track from Born Again with Black Rob and Beanie Sigel.



2SHIN said...

People hated on 'Hope You Niggas Sleep'? WUUUUT. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

You know a beat is a banger when you can do that hammering a imaginary nail with your fist shit, although it looks more like you're pulling off a ghost.

Asher said...

What's wrong with 'Rap Phenomenon' or 'Dead Wrong'?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Werd 2 Rebecca Loos-ing a spectre.

Rap Phenomenom is pretty great, but it just feels weird to me hearing Red & Meth over Primo. As for Dead Wrong, i heard the original version with the different beat first, and then when the new version turned up Eminem was on it.

It was from much later and unofficial, but i really liked Jeans And Sneakers with Black Rob as far as other posthumous B.I.G songs go. Okay, it was a clandestine Black Rob song with that old Biggie audio advert for fat folks' clothes as the his verse and hook, but him and Black Rob over a grimey D-Dot beat which sounds like winter in NY just feels right.

Asher said...

I liked Jeans and Sneakers... and don't see what's weird about Meth over Premo; the beat's not all that different from 'The What.' Jeans and Sneakers was cool.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It was more Redman and/or Red and Meth together over Primo which i found jarring. Just odd hearing them over a beat like that 'cause they're more suited to somethin' with a little more bass and funk to it than a choppy Primo beat.

Amor De Rey said...

Always loved B.G. on "Hope You Niggas Sleep"

You're really not supposed to be that hood on record.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thank you, sir.