Sunday, 21 February 2010

Reasons why I love Youtube # 9

Because you can find Suga Free's first video from 1992 when he went by the name of Royal Rock on there.

Royal Rock - Pure Pimp

Suga free visiting the barber in a curl bag to get his perm done, cadillacs, pool parties, plenty of upskirt shots of various hoodrats doubled with shots of thonged assholes jiggling in the air, some token cracker in a Champion tee, and a fine example of pre-G Funk 1992 gang$ta-rap where the bass was in effect but there was still a slight east coast influence with a James Brown sample made famous by BDP.

I was gonna say that this was the main cut on the Royal Rock Pure Pimp EP but that'd be stretching the truth because the mix on there is slightly different to this with no female warbling or synthesized Funky Worm type melody. This superior version is generally known to Suga Free fanboys as the video mix and no CD-Q version of it currently exists. It's because it's not actually featured on the Pure Pimp EP that I've never been tempted to procure a copy of it. Well, that and because it usually goes for around the $200 mark on the rare occassions it does pop up online. I'd be willing to pay $100 if the video mix was on there, but the regular version? No higher than $50.

As DJ Quik's Snoop type figure and the heir to Eazy E's throne as the king of jheri-curled misogynistic gangsta-rap, I'm sure Suga Free leads a busy life where he doesn't have the time to vanity google search white 30-something dudes from Europe salivating over his obscure early releases on blogs, but if by chance he does ever come across this post, then here's a quick plea : Suga - please reissue a deluxe remastered version of the Pure Pimp EP on cd with the video mix on it and sell 'em yourself online for $20 a pop. You'll go gold off the sales from Norweigians alone.


brad said...

i think i'd like this if it wasn't such dodgy quality.

MF said...

No shit.

For the time being the bad quality only adds to its mythical status.