Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mall rat (rare Mac Mall track from 1994)

Mac Mall - Soak Some Dope

An non-album exclusive by Mac Mall from the Sic Wit Tis CD EP. Production by Khayree and perhaps a touch darker than anything on Illegal Business or Untouchable.

Squelchy bass being used as a lampost by whiney synths to urinate over, Mac Mall in his prime equating the rap game to the drug game years before it became a cliche, and all gift wrapped with a bow in less than 2 minutes and 10 seconds - where had this song been all my life until I came across the CD version of the Sic Wit Tis EP a couple of months back, and why wasn't this shit on the 12", too? Bastards.


James said...

More posts on bay area hip hop please.

MF said...

The Bay will have to wait as we're goin' back to New York next.