Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever # 22

As someone who got tricked into seeing the first Twlight movie by a then girlfriend ("It's like a modern version of The Lost Boys, promise!"), I can fully empathize with those of you who've recently been dragged along to the 2nd Twlight installment by your missus, especially since 94% of women between the ages of 15 and 40 are currently obsessed with that shite and True Blood (which is acceptable since it has Vinny from Home & Away in it), but those 3 20-something lads minus any sort of femme accomplices we saw in the Twlight cinema queue saturday night gleefully waiting to get served need to step their bloodsucker movie game up. Y'all were a disgracefully bitchmade tripod of eunuchry.

Granted, the 2 Nosferatu flicks might be a little too in-at-the-deep-end for the the more recent lighter-in-the-loafers convert, but there's no reason why newjack vamp fans shouldn't investigate the 2 Fright Night movies asap. Fright Night is a cut above it's sequel in this instance (as opposed to a superior sequel in the Nightmare On Elm Street 3 or Sleepaway Camp 2 stylee), but today's installment of Greatest Movie Scenes Ever is taken from Fright Night 2, since it features the then stunning Julie Carmen as the hottest movie vampire you'll ever lay eyes on, Regine Dandridge, and the grossest vampire movie scene I've ever witnessed with the graphic close-up of Regine running her fang along Charlie's shaving cut. My nuts shrink up into my arse everytime I watch this one. Let 'im have it, sistah :

Can anybody confirm the rumour that the uptight broad who gets the 40 bottle emptied out over her in the Nuthin' But A G Thang video is Julie Carmen? I immediately thought it was her the first time I saw the video, and an American associate agreed with me, but there's no mention of it on IMDB and another American associate once told me the Dre video chick was some porn star. The latter seems the more likely since Julie was doing shows like Dream On and artsy Euro films by the early 90s, but I needs this one clearing up? Inquiring Minds gotta know, as Corey Haim once said in another vampire picture.

Bonus beats :

Jimmy Spicer - Adventures Of Super Rhyme

3:05 - 4:09. Without doubt the best impression of Count Dracula on a rap record to date. Amirite?

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brad said...

the black bird vamp in fright night 2 is a beauty too