Friday, 23 October 2009

What Boothe would call 'cism

We got mad love for Turks here at The Martorialist, but, with all due respect to da gawdz, Turkey isn't exactly the most progressively minded country with regards to multiculturism. Sha Deezy recently returned from a trip to his motherland with a couple of packs of the Turkish version of the oreo and, well, take a gander yourself :

Since we no longer ride with chocolate we can't give you our own verdict on them, but according to our mate Suzanne and Sha Deezy himself, who wolfed down an entire pack in under 20 minutes, they're quite nice. Still, such racial insensitivity won't be tolerated around these parts so we're breaking out our Kufis and African medallions to fight the power as we post a video of Lakim Shabazz performing Pure Righteousness on some TV show called Nightmusic. Possibly the only time you'll ever witness the words Lakim Shabazz and Jon Bon Jovi together in the same sentence :

See, this video is a prime example of what's missing from modern conscious-rap : the fun. P.E had Flav adding colour contrast to Chuck's steely righteousness; Brand Nubian had Puba who could flick from a Wake Up to a Who Can Get Busy Like This Man? at the flick of a Polo tag; Common was just as comfortable talkin' flagrant as he was exploring his introspective side in the Sense days; Lakim and YZ had backup dancers who did variations on the running man; and what Poor Righteous Teachers lacked in humour they made up for in sheer dopeness and blokes doing badman Raggamuffin voices on their hooks :

What's Kweli got exactly, other than a catalogue of songs ruined by his lithpy voice, irksome worthiness, netcee board quality punchlines and painfully awkward habit of cramming in too many words per bar just to get to the end of an aforementioned shit punchline? Motherfucker could make a song where he rapped every joke from Airplane! in quick sucession and it'd still end up sounding like a strained post-match interview with Thomas Vermaelen set to music.


Boothe said...

Fight The Power, brother!

That Shabazz video is dope.

Also, I agree 100% on your assessment on Kweli. I could never get down with his wack voice, and flow.

Dude needs to write a book (word to Evidence)

P said...



Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, that was easily the best song Kweli's ass was ever on.

Would've been better as a Common solo song, though.

Boothe said...

I thought Respiration was one of Kweli's better moments.

Definition however...that fool struggled with track. His verses were painful.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

His verses on that one are the audio equivalent of the expressions on the faces of the potential kiddie fiddlers in To Catch A Predator when Chris Hansen reads the x-rated transcripts back to them.