Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Martorial elegance # 35

What's up with the past couple of days being hot? It's nearly november and whiggaz got caught out there in a parka yesterday, which saw us sweating out the contents of the Thames Estuary during the 3 minutes we stood in McDonalds waiting for a mate who'd gone to take a piss. So, we'll be glad to see the back of summer '09 to avoid any further inappropriate attire caused perspiration catastrophes, but we'll also be glad to see summer casually amble away into the distance like John Wayne at end of The Searchers so we won't have to suffer the slight of guys in pedal pushers :

On the plus side, at least this guy didn't go for the denim variety (worst item of male clothing ever? Name me something worse than jean pedal pushers on men and I'll paypal you a fiver), but tucking his shirt into them and adding a beanie as the cherry on top of this shit sundae of an outfit really isn't helping the pro-PP cause. And what's with the whole beanie 'n' shorts look favoured by the type of male who primarily shops in either Top Man or Jack Wills, anyway? If it ain't as bad as teaming knitwear with tracksuit bottoms then it's the closest stylistic clash of a combo.

Someday a real winter wind will come and blow all the pedal pusher & beanie wearers off the streets. By sunday would be good.

Beanie Sigel - Get Down

Still the best song Beanie to date.


brad said...

sandals/flip flops owe me a fiver

MF said...

Clothing not shoes, mayn.

videotime said...

I fucking hate those big tea cosey hats that you see men/boys wearing are absolute garbage, its a sort of urban slant on the aussie surfer dude backpacker style i guess.
The cargo shorts, flip flops, tea cosey hat, retro t-shirt and specially tailored plaid shirt combo gets the bozack. I imagine that all of these guys are called Zane.

Actually its the plaid check shirt stuff that really gets my goat. If your going to wear one (killa gets a pass) at least let it be the genuine article...Lumberjacks wear them to keep warm. These topshop paper thin fashion objects look fucking idiotic.
Also its quite interesting how it took about five years of hipsters wearing them until Joe bloggs really caught on.

MF said...

I'm a yankophile but it's sad to see traditional English boys names like Seymour, Clifford and Bernard be replaced by Zane, Jordan and Zade.

White trash families with kids called KanYe is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious.

Brad - you done sold out, son. Denying your Bradley birthname for a kewl abbreviation with surf connotations to try and impress da kidz. Shsme on you.