Monday, 5 October 2009

Class A questions and answers

Not even gonna get into this whole Cocaine by Z-Ro leak brouhaha, because even the most connected people in Texa$ appear to be in the dark about its shadowy origins (at a guess, though, I'd imagine it's some of the Cracc mixtape X some tracks from Heroin X some older odds and sods slyly released by Z-Ro as a 'Fuck You!' to Rap-A-Lot after J. Prince had 'Ro beaten down a month or two back for popping off about his lack of received royalties) but there is one thing I'm certain of here, and that is that 'Ro needs to start hittin' up Mike Dean for beats regularly again if this anything to go by :

Z-Ro - Raw

Parallels could probably be made between the quality of Z-Ro's Rap-A-Lot albums since he's stopped using large percentages of Mike Dean production and Arsenal's trophyless years since David Dein left (they'd have secured the services of Ribery, for a start) but, ultimately, it's this simple : The Life Of Joseph W. McVey and Let The Truth Be Told are Z-Ro's best albums because of the abundance of lavish Mike Dean production found on them. Really, it gets no better than this :

Z-Ro - Respect My Mind


brad said...

do me another z-ro compilation of his more recent stuff.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


This leak has some real killer tunes on it, and the ABN album with Trae and his Crack album from last year both had some classic 'Ro on 'em.