Friday, 29 May 2009

Really bad lieutenant

You may or may not remember that Bad Lieutenant gets all sorts of crazy love here at The Martorialist and we're quite fond of a few Werner Herzog flicks too so we're weirdly excited about the upcoming Bad Lieutenant remake by Herzog now we've seen the trailer which was released on wednesday :

Of course, it looks like an utter car-crash with Nicolas Cage (who's become the definition of a hack, but who we love due to the greatness of Raising Arizona, Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, the 10 minute long opening tracking shot of Snake Eyes and Face/Off, particularly the scene where he says he wants to take Travolta's and gestures outwards from his mug with his hand in a triangular shaped motion) usurping Harvey Keitel in the lead role, Herzog remaking a movie he claims he hasn't even seen, basing it in New Orleans (this may replace Baller Blockin' as our favourite movie set in the N.O) instead of New York and a cast which includes those esteemed thespians Xzibit, Eva Mendes and Brad Dourif, BUT, damn, this shit looks entertaining and if it includes a new version of the scene where the Lieutenant pulls his pud in the middle of the street over two teenage rawk chickz in a parked car with the juxtaposition of Cage doing his trademark delirious wild-eyed schtick and Herzog urging him to "tueg harder at dast cawwwwk" behind the camera then how can it not be the movie of the summer?

Geto Boys - Crooked Officer


Boothe (All Things) said...

Nic Cage?




MF said...

Herzog should remake King Of New York next with Rob Lowe as Frank White.

2SHIN said...

Co-sign the Rob Lowe idea.

I'm mildly obsessed with Rob Lowe, I even made a photo montage video on youtube.

When Jokes Go Too Far Pt946871:

dj said...

Did you see Nicholas Cage in the Wicker Man? I went to see that in the Ritzy late one night after an exhausting shift at work with a couple beers, hope upon hope that it would be as bad as I thought it would. Somehow, it was worse. Truly, utterly appalling. One can only hope that the Bad Lieutenant remake reaches a similar standard.

MF said...

The Wicker Man remake might just be the worst movie of this decade so far.

dj said...

A logical conclusion, but for Sex Lives of the Potato Men.

MF said...

I had a pub quiz question on that once and i'd never heard of it as, somehow, it'd managed to completely slip under my radar.

Holy Smoke is also up there as far as truly excrutiating movies from this decade go.