Sunday, 10 May 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 7

Back when I procured my first pair of Jordans I'd barely seen Michael Jordan play and the references to 'ballers like and Kareem and Barkley on 80s/early 90s rap records were totally lost on me at the time as the only exposure we had to basketball in those pre-Sky Sports days was in American high school flicks. Pretty much every classic 80s teen movie from Heathers to The Breakfast Club has a basketball scene but none were more memorable than the scene from Teen Wolf where Michael J. Fox first transmogrifies into wolfie in public during a particularly painful game when his team were being obliterated by a rival high school's team :

The caterpillar becomes the butterfly and all that. Of course, this scene was completely unrealistic, though; Not because Michael J. Box was playing a kid who could transform into a werewolf (it seems plausible as I've met hairier women who claimed to be fully human) but because, lycanthropic powers or not, there's no fucking way a dood as short as him would even get into a high school basketball team, let alone be able to dunk like that, is there? Whigga please.

And on a lycanthropic 80s movie related note, here's the beyond classic Wolfman's got nards!!! scene from The Monster Squad :

The Cramps - I Was A Teenage Werewolf


T said...

your arms are hairier than teen wolfs

where is there a basketball scene in breakfast club?

Martorialist said...

When they go to the gym and Bender is shootin' hoops.