Monday, 12 January 2009

You lookin' for Pee? Well, you can find him everywhere.. the project near you i be right there

Pissin' seems to be all the rage at the moment what with the I'm Gonna Google You, Bitch! video and the parody viral video epidemic it's spawned so it's time The Martorialist jumps on the urine-bandwagon with a peeing-in-public themed post.

Sweet Winehouse-style mangy denim there, shawdy.

The kicker has an indefinable air of 1982 Bullseye contestant about him and the kick, which clearly got sphincter deep up in dat ass, has all the grace of that Roberto Carlos free-kick against France. Bitchin' man-bag too, mayne.

But where was our hero when Paula Radcliffe was pissing in the grid during the London marathon a few years back? More importantly, what would Brotha Lynch Hung think about all this?

Brotha Lynch Hung - Rest In Peace

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Anonymous said...

you got that curtains mixtape yet?