Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kaka U Akbah

One imagines this t-shirt is gonna be a highly collectable item in years to come so snap up the remaining 8 while there's still the chance, folks.

Thank fuck that's all over, eh? As Derek McGovern quipped in The Mirror when the story first broke : Manchester City are a club that a player with ambition leaves, not joins. That might just be the realest shit the bitter scouse crap-tipster ever wrote.

Still, at least Man City got Bellamy (14 fucking million!) yesterday to soften the blow. A player so tempremental he makes Anelka look like a selfless and humble Giggsian style veteran and so spectacularly injury prone even Michael Owen looks at him and asks Who's the kid with the gimpy legs? A shrewd buy, Sparky. I'm sure Mourinho will appreciate a player of the calibre of Bellamy when he takes over at the Eastlands this summer.

Brand Nubian - Allah U Akbar

1 comment:

Superbrad said...

i'm still laughing that robinho actually signed for them.

there's no way on earth his agent didn't dupe him there and fool him into thinking he was signing for united.