Thursday, 29 January 2009

Martorial elegance # 10

Here at The Martorialist we have a fondness for the curious breed of metallers who reside in a self-imposed bubble where nothing in the respective worlds of fashion and music existed before 1988 and nothing of note has happened since 1993.

Around 25% of the begrudging respect we have for the particular strain of metallers that this ham 'n' egger epitomises is due to a vague sense of comaradarie as we also rocked snow-camo kecks way back in 1991 as a Public Enemy obsessed young 'uns.

Another 25% of the reason why we hold this type of metaller in such favourable regard is accounted for because the 1989 to 1993 vacuum they inhabit actually was a pretty great era for metal.

But the main 50% of our slightly-involuntary appreciation for them is built up on a foundation of admiration that they just do not give a fuck if it's colder than Robert Mugabe's heart outside with The Thing type Antarctic degree conditions because NOTHING is going to stop them getting their cankles out via the help of their 3/4 length cut-off camo shorts. One can only applaud such bloody minded dedication to their aesthetic.

It's a cold world so the rest of all y'all bitch whiggaz best dress warm. Ain't shit changed since '93 til infinity.

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T said...

that old pic of you in the snow trousers with your pals never ceases to make me smile ;)