Thursday, 9 April 2020

Ain't Got Time like that Lil' Wayne mixtape cut

Nefew - Blockaholic
(From YouTube; 2020)

Via D Squared. Been a long time since I've heard an Atlanta Rap song with some slap but the Da Apartments guy has come through with Blockaholic here. That said, as with NHale's Dealin' Wit A Hoe, these long-arse video intros have REALLY gotta go. Rappers - take ya acting aspirations, put 'em under ya pillows, and kiss them shits goodnight forever ever.

**Edit** both YouTube uploads of the video vanished. WTF?!


Yohan said...

Exactly what I want to hear out of ATL. Great find!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's on Soundcloud too for easier listening.

SE said...

Surgical mask, a box of chicken, bare ass cheeks @2:20, and gratuitous, poorly recorded spoken interludes. Hell of a video.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ATL songs with slap, if you ever get bored enough the streets need a Travis Porter compilation.