Sunday, 1 December 2019

What would Fat Tone say?

"Chevy sideways, gettin' stupid and shit
Broad daylight we do the stupidest shit
When it's fonkin' then we comin' with drums tryna lift shit
30 rounds 'll make your bucket do a full flip"

Yung Cat aka Fat Tone Jr - Gangsta Shit
(From YouTube; 2019)

Just when I'd given up on Yung Cat he slides through with a big, hooky Kansas City slapper. The tone is Husalah's twitchy country cousin, but the words are pure Fat Tone foulness. What a pity K.C's half man/half moggy waited to drop this one when Britain's skies have turned the same grim shade of grey as Pep Guardiola's "lucky" hooded cardigan (shoulda kept that thing another season, m8.)


GGGGG said...

Dude really does look like a cat.

L.A said...

Don't jinx it lol.

Pink C said...

Definitley a summer-worthy slap. As much as I like Yung Cat I feel like he needs to give himself more credit and drop the Fat Tone Jr. moniker. That panda shirt or whatever it is is kind of dope.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The tracks he records under the Fat Tone Jr. moniker are inspired by Fat Tone. This one is a homage to Gangstafied

Pink C said...

Aahh I see, I did not know that, well in that case carry on Yung Cat

Andrew Barber said...

a great fake Battlecat track

Andrew Barber said...

great value version of Eastsidaz "G'd Up"