Tuesday, 19 June 2018

R.I.P Jimmy Wopo

Pittsburgh really is the pits, huh? Pour out a little Snapple for the tragically slain Jimmy Wopo, now cursed to be "that other rapper who died on the same day XXXHamster got snuffed". It's a mystery Scooby Doo why it's always gotta be rappers who die - it's about time some Drum & Bass producers and Death Metal bands get sent back to the essence instead to #RestoreTheBalance

It doesn't even matter that Wopo blew his creative load early in his career with Elm Street, Walkin' Bomb Pt. 2, and Nanana because a smattering of brilliant songs will always make up for a whole lotta so-so material thereafter. That said, ya host still wishes that Back Door was a solo track because that one had to potential to be Wopo's best song until Sonny Digital decided to lay a ho-hum guest verse on it.

R.I.P Wopo - I'll never be able to see Ousmane Dembélé without thinking he's a dead ringer 4 u.


Bestsummerevar said...

This one hurts. Jimmy Wopo was one of my favorite up and comers.

THE GUY said...


Smell Rell said...

His "First Day Out" was flames too.

hotbox said...

r.i.p. wopo :(

icebergsweater said...

Fuuuuuck : [
I really liked Wopo and I thought he was still doing some fun stuff here and there in terms of freestyles and what not

R.I.P. Jimmy Wopo

L.A said...

Was feeling some of this guys music. Rest in power