Sunday 5 June 2016

This is it, Jimmy Wopo - your big break in TV...

"It's a mystery, Scooby Doo
Uzi made him do the Hula Hoop
Choppa make him Chicken Noodle Soup
I got some hittas like to Toot & Boot"

Jimmy Wopo - Elm Street
(From Elm Street single; 2016)

File this under ‘Bam-Bams by rappers in Barcelona replica shirts.’ It's like Jimmy Wopo heard Boone's Pop A Perc and said to himself "Pittsburgh needs its own Boyz-n-the-Hood-inspired anthem for 2016!" But instead of LL Cool J interpolations and chicks that are thick like whales, you've got Freddy Krueger references and pigs who end up in deep shit. Et voilà - Elm Street was born.

Favourite random regional find since Yung Cat's You Ah Bitch. Should I explore Wopo's catalogue any further, or should I rest comfortably safe in the knowledge that no other song of his could ever possibly tick all my boxes like Elm Street has?


KTT Snitch said...

You posted some Lil' Yase songs a while back so i was wondering if you heard his new album?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I was annoyed Gigalo wasn't on there because there's still no retail MP3 of that so I'm stuck with my dutty Soundcloud rip for the foreseeable future.

Only Yase songs I like are Get It In, Gigolo, and Foolin', tbh. His ZMoney karaoke songs are embarrassing. 👎

Anonymous said...

Kid needs to size up on that jacket.

KTT Snitch said...

The Yase song with Stunna June is a slap. Check it out.

James said...

That donut looks disgusting haha

David said...

this shit is dope