Saturday, 17 March 2018

The A in GTA stood for Agallah

Agallah ft. Sean Price & Bazaar Royale - Rising To The Top
(From GTA III Game Radio FM station; 2001)

I've never even played played the 3rd Grand Theft Auto game and yet this fan-made video has still got ya host opin like them mans in the YouTube comments. On the 5 Star Millas scale, Rising To The Top rates as an 8-Off out of 5 song; Propane & Primo were nice, but Propane & Pricey were the best.

Bet Agallah was shitting twiglets with rage when he found out that Duck Down Records' HCACIC Dru-Ha removed his verse from Tel E Mundo and polished some of the grit outta the beat for the song's inclusion on Boot Camp Clik's Collect Dis Edition compilation. O.G version FTW 4 life:

Agallah ft. Ruck aka Sean Price - Tel E Mundo
(From Agallah's Da Mix Tape Iz The Album mixtape; 2001)

PS: Never forget that Sean P's babby boy could pronounce Agallah better than Jim Jones.


L.A said...

"Rising To The Top" is a perrrrrrfect song

THE GUY said...


Anonymous said...

This song brings back so many memories