Friday, 30 March 2018

Generic list post: March 2018

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Soundcloud-rap's Captain Save-A-Paedo army formed like Voltron.

Ghost8800 - Sonic Boom (video mix) (2012)
Mozzy - Who I Am (2018)
Roc Marciano - 67 Lobby (2018)
Rich Blue - Hands Hands (2018)
The J.B.'s - Crossover (1977)
Diana Ross ft. Michael Mars Bar - Upside Down (Live) (1981)

Other notables: initially dismissed OMB Peezy's Ride as corny Po Pimp nostalgia, but that shit is a grower if you can get your noggin' around the notion of Peezy doing a Rap & Bullshit radio jam; Juice & Gin is what Two 16's might have sounded like if Valee had complimented ZMoney's verse rather than just dropping a breezeblock of words on there with no regards for the rest of the track; those two singles by Quelle Chris & Jean Grae are more like soundtracks to alt-comedy videos than songs; YG and Queen Key both let ya host down with their respective new singles.


Spart said...

67 Lobby sounded like vintage Marciano and easily my fave track off RR2.

Si Mane Price said...

^^ Still the only truly great bit of filmmaking that Pierce Brosnan has ever been involved in.

Ben Jones said...

After a couple of listens id say Rosbudd 2 is better than the first.

Anonymous said...

Are Jean Grae and Quelle Chris a couple? Or just two autistics who attend the same support group? Everything they do sounds like a grip of in-jokes.

Si Mane Price said...

Haha otm. Yeah, I think they're married.

Anonymous said...

I know those two singles from Jean & Quelle aren’t the best but IMO those are the weaker tracks from the album. The album is great, really some new age peak De La shit. LMAO at Noz calling it vintage De La if Dave & Pos were married.

Anonymous said...

Also why no love for YG? I think it’s not single material but a cool album cut.

Anonymous said...

I thought RR2 was better than the first one for the simple fact of the mixing being wayyyy better

Si Mane Price said...

Hate the zzzzzz production on YG's single.

Alf Stewart Fake Retirement said...

The trifecta of 'Happy Endings', 'Kill You' and '67 Lobby' is outstanding.

Cam'Ron Jeremy Reiner said...

Found on a messageboard:

Its Killa!
Y'all know I had to come back for this shit
140th and Lennox still do what it do
Diplomat records I signed myself

Lemme tell y'all, yeah, 'bout a felon
New world sex crimes, modern day Magellan
But we gon' call him Adam Grandmaison
Grand Theft Auto, Vice City, he like them Haitians
Bunny hop, 360 flips, grind them pegs (Matt Hoffman)
What came first, the rapist or the fertilized egg

Cam see those neck tats, he get the heebie-geebies (scary)
P-Boy knocked this nigga out, on livestream at CBGB's
One punch, his e-cred gone, that's all it took
No Adam's not a river, he more a babbling brook (whitewater rafting)
Water wings, inner tube, Oprah or we talkin' 50 Cent
High school girls stay the same age, he ain't about consent

Adam lets talk rap sheet, Desiree Elyda and Stay_Gold
Two accusations, they said your dick is uncontrolled (honey badger)
Can't fuck your age, Sadie Hawkins, what you meant
Legal fees nigga forget it, can't even cover rent
Just bad tattoos and a worse attitude
Illegal pelvic thrusts, call him BMX Rick Rude

Diplomat records nigga
Capo I see you
What's good Ruga

Si Mane Price said...