Sunday, 10 December 2017

Step In The Arena

Jack The Snipper the man not the myth AKA DJ Step One. Three will forever be the magic number, so here's a trifecta of incredible and very crucial edits Step made on my behalf. Shout out to Shifty Shellshock, Doggy Dogg, and Billy Brown - we in this bitch!

Basically, Lil' Peep's best song minus the guest ponce with the lisp who sounds like he belongs hosting a Pitchfork podcast about K-Pop groups. Think Lil' Peep was just the Yank mallrat version of Milkavelli? No problemo, because this Girls edit works best if you envision it as a comeback single by the Butterfly band instead.

Lady Of Rage's Afro Puffs is a perfect song which didn't require any sort of alternate mix, but that extended version of the remix with Snoop's freestyle intro is way too good to waste on a track that's otherwise superfluous. Hence, I got Step to weld the intro together with the outro where Snoop extols Rage's virtues. The result? The 2nd best Snoop song not from Doggystyle.

The strip club scene in Buffalo '66 is one of cinema's most beautifully choregraphed fusions of music and moving image, but ain't naan a non-Prog Rock fan wanna listen to Yes' Heart Of The Sunrise once the tempo switches and the eunoch from Yorkshire starts singing. Step snipped that shit off at the exact moment the song pulls its okie-doke, binned the remaining 7 minutes of gentile flotsam & jetsam, and left us with an instrumental babel which spans time, space and titties.


step one said...

Don't even remember doing that last one. Thought you might've gone with that Mollie Sugden joint.
Also, some of the early ones I did were pretty scrappy cut-n-shut jobs. I'd like to give the Cormega/Puba song (Mega Fresh X?)another go

Si Mane Price said...

The Heart Of The Sunrise edit is from 2010.

7 frigging years ago!

L.A said...

Unexpected Reynolds Girls appearance there haha

Si Mane Price said...

Never forget that Paul Oakenfold put Shifty Shellshock from teh Butterfly band on a song 😄

Anonymous said...

Respect on Horse Head's name!