Saturday, 2 December 2017

I got a friend with a poll in the basement

G'z up, who's down for a Foe Life versus Connected For Life poll? Mack 10's best solo bam-bam versus the last classic song Ice Cube was involved in; peak G-Funk versus Mannie Fresh goes to Inglewood. Choose wisely like you're a panelist on Jukebox Jury.

"Fool, I'm a vet and you can bet
that I can dance underwater and not get wet!"

Mack 10 - Foe Life
(From Mack 10 album; 1995)

"Chickenhawk, if I see a bird then I gotta get it
So if your 'hood come up short then I prolly did it"

Mack 10 ft. Ice Cube, WC & Butch Cassidy - Connected For Life
(From Bang Or Ball album; 2001)

I'm a Connected For Life man meself usually, but Foe Life is sounding particularly formidable today. Mart 10 takes the stand, your honour I'm a changed man.

(Didn't bother to embed either song's video in this post because the Foe Life video is missing the intro, while the the Connected For Life video is the clean version. Mack10VEVO badly needs a refit.)


Ben Jones said...

Mack 10 has a decent amount of music I like, considering he's generally a shit rapper

icebergsweater said...

Gotta give it to Connected For Life on this one, but I do fuck with both

d said...

with some wings n a gown when I come around>>>>>>

Been getting into the later Mack 10 shit lately though

Anonymous said...

Both wack as fuck. Might as well ask whether cow or horse shit tastes better.

d said...

Rob Base not Vanilla Ice?

Fred said...

Too many rappers VEVOs have only clean videos, annoying.

Fave Mack 10 albums are probably the eponymous and Based on a true story, but I haven't listened to his stuff in ages, prbly need to revisit his catalog.

That one Good Cop Bad Cop song by IC was suprisingly decent as well, in my memory he went diwnhill around the time those war and peace albums came out.

turd butt said...

inglewood sound was so thick, just like the boys

wobble wobble wobble clunk

foe life

reminds me i gotta order new dickies

hotbox said...

chicken hawk is my mack 10 joint. Killer bassline from dr Jam and also has a phone call. I miss phone calls in rap songs

Si Mane Price said...

The kid get around like the hands on a clock

d said...

wtf @ ppl still having problems w Mack dime

Andrew Barber said...

Love both, but I'm a FOE LIFE guy myself.

But I have to disagree with you Marty. "Lights Out" was the last classic Westside Connection/Ice Cube song. Featuring the why-has-he-been-written-out-of-history Knoc'Turnal

Si Mane Price said...

Good song, but I dunno if it's a legit classic like Connected For Life.