Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I really think that I'm Tom Cruise

"Cold Game Chronicles" Starring Ezale as Jet Pri Part 1 of 5 #WeGoneBringThisTownShitBack Filmed by: @stewyfilms

A video posted by IM ON MDMA (@ezalecantseewell) on

Is Ezale ever gonna drop this song or wot? The video is nearly 12 months old now, and while history has taught us that Ezale songs rarely ever sound like the Instagram snippets suggest they'll sound, this one still seems like it has more potential than 97% of the pisspoor new rap released thus far in 2017.

All I wanted was a slap, just one slap, and you wouldn't give it to me.


turd butt said...

hey sorry to shit on your post again but, while we're waiting on 2017, show off your slsk downloads screen

strictly big trousers over here, creased

Si Mane Price said...

I need to start using Slsk again.

SE said...

Thought I'd been sleeping, but yeah, 2017 really has blown nards. It's bad when the biggest story is a memed-out Young Thug video (for a 2016 song).

turd butt said...

that was a great homework session, i finally got a version of this beat without sicx pedo ass on it

Si Mane Price said...

Jackin' Mission from that Gangsta Dre album is my shit.

turd butt said...

haaay, he's got that mac dre ratio of party shit to life's a bitch

Ezale - In A Day [Label Submitted]

Si Mane Price said...

Turd Butt back! 💩💪👊