Thursday 5 January 2017

I got a rare European with some rhythm

"It's Money Over Bitches, ask Pimpy Doo
That's my n*gga, he say that's what we really do
If Tina Turner need a tune-up call me Jiffy Lube"

Street Knowledge - Dru Down Flow (Can You Feel Me)
(From Soundcloud; 2017)

Street Knowledge isn't a rapper whose music sticks for ya host like cement, but this one's got me stuck where I stand, 'bout to piss in my pants. You got me mixed-up twisted like Arabian gymnasts if you think I'm not down for homages to NorCal's finest hoet laureate Pimpy Dru.


d said...

I was scared hearing the opening bars hed rly desecrate this like w the Fresh Prince theme but this is cool, hes def gotten better.

far as remakes of remakes go this is better than the 00s The Thing, prob bout as good as Wages of Fear gonna be.

btw lol did you see there was a one-off Porridge homage/remake starring Kevin fucking Bishop last yr?

turd butt said...

ventin is one of my fav tracks of 2016, he says slipknot in it and the beat is like some knockoff 2003 boards of canada shit, what the fuck more could you want?

d said...

ha actually not the new Wages of Fear ive that confused w something else, Ben Wheatlys shite

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Unfortunately, yes, Donal. It wasn't a one-off, though - they're doin' a friggin' series too.

Turd Butt needs to drop a 2016 year end list, imho. Low-key one of my fave commenters alongside RYM Snitch and Trill Savage Young Miscreant.

d said...

Fuck outta here. looking forward to Simon Amstell as Mackay and Fearne Cotton as Blanco.

Mary mother of god.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Jack Whitehall as Grouty

turd butt said...

hey sure maybe ill post a thing, but in the meantime here's brotha lynch hung's cousin Q-Ball on an episode of cops in 1993

turd butt said...

turd butt’s highly emotional, very tender 2016 roundup

C-Bo and Mitchy Slick - Untitled, Unreleased

Street Knowledge - Ventin

Green ova South - Fight or Flight

Kurt Diggler - Intro

C-bo - I’m a Killer

DB Tha General - In My Blood

the DUHHH zone, you heard these already:

Young Thug - Gangster Shit (it sounds like goddamn Plaid, Warp Records 1999-2001, the IDM prophecy has come true, the phuture is now)

June - Kick Doe

Ezale - All it Take

E-40 - the sequel to Flashin ft Lil B

turd butt said...

oh and you know this happened right

DB Tha General - Can You Feel Me

but yeah, the grant hills in the original vid, plus the all eyez on me booklet foldout. i want my pair back

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I slept on that and In My Blood.

Godamn, Street Knowledge's eyeballs have vanished in that video.