Friday 14 October 2016

This is Afrobeats, baby, never techno

'Bout time the Treacherous Two of U.K Rapfrobeats Kwamz & Flava dropped some new shit, especially since the re-recorded video version of Takeover that's still gettin' play on urban TV here isn't a patch on the original. What could have been a clusterfuck of a label showcase for the Coast2Coast Entertainment roster turns out to be a slinky little anthem where everyone involved plays their position on some 21 Seconds type pithiness. Based On A T.R.U Story like 2 Chainz first LP: you can lose an inch from your waistline every time you grind a rug to Stop Stalling.

Kwamz & Flava ft. they mans - Stop Stalling
(From YouTube; 2016)


Dank said...

See that guy over there drive nice car but he not got money for the petrol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I feared this might be a clusterfuck what with 3 guests on it but, nope, everyone plays their position nice and concisely.

Swag Diesel said...

Ya! Youtube exclusive; Really doe, dislike them. Need the the dulcet high bit rate audio file.

GGGGG said...

That water drop!!!