Wednesday, 15 July 2015

British man posts west coast rap songs on Soundcloud

Warren G ft Nate Dogg - My House
(From Regulate... G Funk Era II EP; 2015)

Old man & dead legend rap & sang on Soundcloud. FYI there's a new Warren G & Nate Dogg song which interpolates no less than Mr. Fingers and Madness. And, unlike any of Warren's stepbrother's singles from Detox, it knocks. Told you that "you 38 and you still rappin'?"-core is now a low-key fruitful sub-genre of L.A rap as long as Dr. Dre isn't involved.

A-Wax - EverLasting Money
(From EverLasting Money album; 2015)

Off-white man semi-yells on Soundcloud. It's not as immediate as Never Saw It, but this other new A-Wax track has grown on me like unsightly shoulder hair. Very much feelin' the return of that Bruce Hornsby & The Range type ambiance to melancholy mob music, and that "still remember bein' locked up lookin' at the calendar and crossin' off Christmas/someone killed the homie Chinx Drugz in the very same car he crossed off a wishlist" couplet is one of those of moment of precise detail which A-Wax is so good at.


Deezy said...

Damn... i miss Nate Dogg.

GGGGGGG said...

Is the new A-Wax album out?

Si Mane Price said...

Nah, some time next month.

L.A said...

Nate Dogg doing Madness is madness lol.

Si Mane Price said...

It's ya boy Suggs Knight!

step one said...

It Must Be Thugs
Our Trap House
Saggin Trousers

Si Mane Price said...

Remember that Eminem & Thirstin Howl song with the Madness sample? I do, but I can't remember what it was called and I can't be arsed youtubing it.

Cocotaso said...

Watch deez is the tune

Si Mane Price said...

That's the one.