Sunday, 15 June 2014

All I wanted was a Coco.... JUST ONE COCO!!!!!

If you haven't heard, Ice-T was once like Mike, H.R, & Schoolly all rolled into one, and just when it looked like the year's most amazing non-rap song featuring a rapper belonged to DJ Snake & Lil' Jon, Ice got Ernie C to strap his guitar back on. AP.9 might be a bit more young, and Ice should have never dumpied' Darlene for Coco's big saggy bum, but if Body Count's cover of Institutionalized isn't better than Turn Down For What then it's the closest one:

"He said do you realise how much sugar is in that kool aid?
I said do you realise how much blood is in the human body? Do you wanna see it, motherfucker?"

Body Count - Institutionalized 2014
(From Manslaughter album; 2014)

Hola Hollowmanvito. Let's not even front like all guitar music hasn't been a dead genre since Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff before Body Count returned.


Wawa Superstar said...

I liked the first Body Count album but Ice-T folding like a cheap suit over Cop Killer spelt the end of Ice-T as a credible rapper. It was all talking kangaroos and celebrity Mr & Mrs after that. Still, the worst BC album is better than Public Enemy's 7th Octave/Confrontation Camp attempts at skatecore. Murs's White Mandingos is a good latterday example of rock rap. The Goats's "No Goats, no glory" is an underrated weed/rock/slacker rap gem. My all-time favourite Rock Rap album is Cyco (Insane Poetry)'s "The Snuff reels." Who doesn't love horrocore raps over thrash metal? Honourable mention to that metal/industrial album by Abilities & Eyedea.

Si Mane Price said...

Remember when GLC made a Nu-Metal song and Bun B appeared in its video wearing a Kraftwerk Man Machine cycling top?

THE GUY said...


Mic Muir said...

Lol this is actually way better than S.T's rerecording of it.

d said...

Ah here I thought it was just a cover, its a masterpiece.

"I dunno what my dog's name is"

Definitely gonna harass Ice on twitter til he makes a whole Fried Chicken spoken word album. Im not advocating it across the board cos poetrys shit obviously but between that Masta Ace song, LA Posse, X-Clan, Spotieotidopalicious, Big Rube and the Big Daddy Kane smoov ladies /talking shit with Dolemite songs he supposedly jumped shark with I recently realised are actually fire, someone needs to wrestle it back from Katie Tempest and other smelly white ppl at music festivals.

Si Mane Price said...

Ice finally redeemed himself for that time he talked shit about Soulja Boy and then praised Lupe Fiasco.

N.Brown said...

I like Talk Shit Get Shot too.

did you like the Methods Of Mayhem album? I miss them nu-metal days. The Strokes and all them posh art school lames ruined rock music.

Si Mane Price said...

I dunno what the Methods Of Mayhem album is but I'm 100% sure it's better than anything by The Strokes.

Guitar music is now little more than something working class teenagers have to pretend to like so they don't get called chavs in college.

N.Brown said...

Tommy Lee's meathead rap metal project from c2000 or summat, this one is the joint:

Ace said...

ayo this sounds like angry metal Wesley Willis

also he is having a lot of fucking trouble with technology

Ho $trummer said...

Does anybody know when the Achozen (Rza & System of a down) album will see the light of day?