Thursday, 5 December 2013

R.I.P Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan - Man Of The Year
(From I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In mixtape; 2013)

Taken me a full week to realise why I recoiled in such horror at 1:51 of Rich Homie Quan's Man Of The Year after initially loving how Quan and the track's producer Tramatone flipped the infamous Milkbone/Big L & Jay-Z piano sample and recontextualised it into something uniquely new-new ATLanta: the moment Quan breaks from his flow to start signing "you ain't never met a man like me before.." sounds like Yeltsin Beyonce's warbling on fucking Umi Says.

Ultimate kiss of death for a rapper right there, imho. Had a blast with My N*gga, Differences, Party and Type Of Way this year in that order, but our paths must now diverge for good, Richie bruv.


Catdaddy said...

You're trippin' because this song is great.

Chris Thott said...

^^^^^ Mos Def fan.

done said...

James said...

"Party" is fucking awesome

Anonymous said...

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